Joining AFTRA

After a year of working as a non-union actor, I am in the process of joining AFTRA. While I am a little afraid of the limitations presented with joining a union, it means the working conditions will improve for me. Part of my decision to join stems from my recent experiences on set as a non-union actor. While the experiences have been helpful, I have learned the value of being protected by the unions.

My AEA card finally came in the mail last week — which means I can audition with far more ease then before at the Equity calls. My experiences as a new union member have really lead me to appreciate why the unions were created, and what they stand for. No more moving large set pieces for me, and I don’t have to show up HOURS before a show. Its great to be treated with respect — both as a professional and as a person. Sounds crazy, but I finally feel like I am being taken seriously in this industry. Hopefully AFTRA will help me feel the same way with TV and film.

The awesome thing is that more and more filming is taking place in the NYC/Philly area. TV and film is being taken more seriously then ever on the east coast, which is really exciting. I am presonally stoked that a new sound studio is in the works for being built a few miles from my house! Working close to home is always a bonus.

If you would like information on AFTRA, check out


~ by Elizabeth on June 2, 2008.

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