TV work, Calendar, and Modeling

So the calendar shoot I mentioned in the last blog went amazingly well. It was for a Fire Fighter Calendar, and all the money raised will go to help burn victims in the DC area. I have a month in the calendar — so check it out and buy one today! The shoot was fun. I was posing in real Fire Fighter gear and a 1970’s Bronx fire truck.

Modeling has had its ups and downs lately. However, I am digging my heels in and going for it. Look for a revamped gallery section soon. I’ll have modeling pictures up, which I am really excited about. I am working on putting together a portfolio to take to agencies soon, so that’s cool too.

Things in NYC have picked up! Actually, I feel like my head is spinning. What they say is true, when it rains, it pours. I worked a few days last week on a new NBC show called “Kings,” which will air sometime around the holidays. Its written by the same guys who write for “Lost” and “Heroes,” so look out folks! Its also directed by Francis Lawerence, and he has quite the impressive resume. The really awesome part (and I am crossing my fingers on this!) is that I might have a reoccuring role. However, only time will tell. I mean, we could all be wrong and this show could tank. You never know until it airs.

I will be on set Monday for another new show, called “Royal Pains.” Its about an ER Dr. who becomes an on-call Dr. to the rich and famous people of the Hamptons. All I know about my shoot is that I’ll be a restaraunt patron, and that we are filming in Queens.

I have actually had to turn down TV work this week because of filming overlaps! I guess I’d rather turn down work then not work at all. The ironic thing is that MT auditions have taken a back seat, and that was what I was really excited about for the fall in NYC. Funny how life goes.


~ by Elizabeth on September 20, 2008.

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