Coming to a TV near you….

This blog is dedicated to all of you who want to know when you can see me on TV, which episode, scene, what I’m doing, what I’m wearing, etc… Oh, and I’ll give you the inside scoop as to what it was like to work with some of your favorite prime time stars!

I am going to do my best you give you all of the details, or at least what I can remember of them. That probably sounds sad, but true! All the different shows and episode numbers are blending together for me. I need to document all the details the day of the shoot from now on, so that I have all the answers to the questions. So here goes nothing!

I worked on Gossip Girl again two weeks ago. I believe it’s Episode 210 — the title wasn’t given yet. The episode is scheduled to air on November 10, on the CW. It was shot in Times Square. Nightmare. I mean, Times Square is a nightmare without cameras, paps, and Blake Lively. The star struck tourists actually were getting into some of the shots because they wanted a picture of her. The paps were ruthless, and pushed everyone’s buttons to get the money shot, which I don’t think they got. Anyway, I am a pedestrian in the shot. Nothing special. I am wearing black leggings and knee high black boots, with a purple top and green jacket. My hair is pulled back in a ponytail. So look for me walking around with another brunette where Blake Lively and some new guy flirt and make out in a scene.

I worked on Kings again a little over a week ago. I was back in my “Grays” outfit, hair, and make-up. The cool thing was that I was one of eight called in that day out of the original 30 or so. The not-so-cool part is that the only part of me used all day on camera is my left hand! No joke! I’m the hand moving the candelabra off the table. Not sure what episode it’ll be used for, but I frankly don’t think you’ll tune in to watch my hand. However, I had a great day of making friends with the other “Grays,” and I am getting to know the awesome production crew.

Last Monday I worked on Damages. I believe Episode 203, which will air in January 2009 on FX. I am a jogger in the park, so I spent my time jogging as the camera rolled! I am wearing a gray long sleeved top, purple pants, and my sneakers. I am running behind the conversation in the park, so look for me in the background, zipping across. It was freezing out that day, so the cast was really toughing it out. We filmed in a park in Brooklyn. Glenn Close is stunning in person, and had her two dogs on set with her. The production team was really nice, and so were a lot of the the other background actors.

On Thursday I worked on CSI:NY. We filmed in Brooklyn Hights, right on the water. The view was amazing, and the weather was awesome. I was a tourist, and wore jeans and a green sweater. Look for me walking across the deck, and by the water as the two leads walk to the crime site. I believe this is Episode 8 for the season, titled “My name is Mac Taylor.” It’ll air on CBS. I didn’t get to meet any of the leads, but the production team was really fun and joked with us a lot. It was a great shoot, with great weather, awesome people, and great organization. This was the last day of filming for CSI while in NY.

On Friday I worked on Law & Order:SVU. The episode is called “Wildlife” and is set to air on November 18. The scene I’m in is in JFK Airport, in the customs line. The really cool part is that I am right next to Ice Tea!! He was super friendly, and talked to all of the people around him. Mariska was in the line in front of me, and seemed really nice too. I should definitely be seen in this shot, but it’ll be fast! I’m wearing a purple button down shirt and jeans. Ice Tea actually cuts me off to get to the bad guy. The production team and the leads were laughing and having fun the whole time, which was great. The only negative to this shoot was that there were 219 background actors — for real. Talk about a mess of people. I have really learned to appreciate the smaller casts.

So there you have it, you now know as much as I do! Thanks for tuning in!


~ by Elizabeth on October 13, 2008.

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