Fall 2009 Projects

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Greetings Friends!

I apologize for the elapsed time since my last entry. I have been working non-stop, and those closest to me probably assume I have gone completely mad by now! Let me explain. For the last few weeks I have been filming at least five days a week, sometimes more. I have recently been filming on weekends as well, and even picked up a double day two weeks ago. Yes, I have been running ragged, and look like it. I have averaged probably six hours of sleep a night, and am forcing myself to find time to still work out.

On the personal side, life has been hell. Though I am not one to hang my clothes out in public, it is natural for artists to be affected by their personal life on a deeper then normal level. I have tried very hard to separate the two worlds, but have struggled as of late. For me, it has been a combination of personal hardship and professional hardship. The amount of times I have been offered a principal contract only to have it taken away and given to someone prettier, or booked for a job and had it fall through …. I have lost count. It hurts a lot, but I have tried to push past it.

On the up swing, I am reoccurring on three shows this season – Yay! “Mercy,” “Damages,” and ‘Gossip Girl.” I am crossing fingers that one of the three will lead to a line and/or upgrade. Until then, its nice to have work automatically lined up without having to do any work on my part.

Most people I talk to are star struck or in awe by what I do. They say I am lucky. Yes, luck has something to do with it, but it is mostly hard work and sacrifice. Luck comes into play with getting the lead in a new show, not BG or SI work. Truth by told, I work my ass off. I am constantly on the phone or internet, and I never have a day off. When I am not on set, I am looking for the next job, or busting my butt on the treadmill, or updating my website. This job is 24/7, and I refuse to give anything less. If I don’t search for it, I might not work tomorrow or a week from now. Everything I do tomorrow is a result of today. I don’t have a contract that promises work or money for more then a day or two at a time. I struggle to have a normal life. However, I wouldn’t have it any other way.


~ by Elizabeth on October 14, 2009.

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