Filming and Photo Shoots


I have settled into NYC for the most part, and been on set more these days then home! The days have become a blur, but in a good way. I finally made time for my first photo shoot in NYC since moving here. It was on a roof top in Manhattan, and was a blast. The photo above is from that shoot.

Its that time of the year when filming exteriors has become brutal. Filming for hours outside, and usually in unseasonal wardrobe is beyond painful. However, its part of the business. Its easy to forget when watching our favorite shows that most of what we watch is filmed in winter seasons.

I am traveling to the Miami area for modeling work in January, and am totally pumped. The details have yet to be ironed out, but hopefully it will fall into place in the next weekend. Shooting in warm weather sounds all too great right now!


~ by Elizabeth on November 13, 2009.

One Response to “Filming and Photo Shoots”

  1. You’re coming to FLA?! Nice! If you had any time, I’d love to get a drink and catch up. I’m so excited for you and all your hardwork that’s paying off. Hope to see you soon ❤

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