Workaholic Pay Off!

Greetings friends,

I wanted to inform you all that I have qualified for my SAG health and pension for the year – and all within eight months! Phew. This was a huge goal, and I am a little in shock that I achieved it so quickly. I am so blessed to work as much as I do, and I am very thankful.

For those of you out of the loop, this is how SAG and many other unions handle health and pension: For SAG members, we have a year to wrack up either 74 days of work or $16,000 in SAG work. Its extremely important to qualify every year, as SAG members need five straight years of qualifying years in order to receive the pension down the road.

Now 74 days may not sound like a lot, but bear in mind that many union actors are dividing their work days between both SAG and AFTRA jobs, possibly other non-acting work too. AFTRA has their own health and pension plans, and both unions operate completely independently.

Plus, the ratio of SAG jobs versus SAG actors looking for work everyday is a bleak one. I have been very, very lucky to work as much as I do. I am just crossing my fingers and toes and hoping that 2010 brings with it as many wonderful opportunities as 2009.


~ by Elizabeth on December 15, 2009.

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