Principal Contract!

On December 20, I received the best possible Christmas gift – an upgrade to principal contract for a commercial I filmed in August for Hot Pockets! I received a letter from SAG regarding the upgrade and a wad of paychecks for the work I had done almost four months ago! I was floored.

Here’s the commercial. In the protest scene I’m the girl on the right in a green dress. Its quick, so don’t blink! 🙂

For a principal contract for a National Commercial, and actor must meet a list of requirements. I was originally hired as an extra, but because I am holding the product (a hot pocket), am clearly seen, and am in the same visual line as the principals with lines, I am automatically a principal. I got VERY, VERY lucky. To make it even sweeter, I did not have to give 20% of my earnings to an agent because I don’t have one. However, in order to get the amazing principal contracts with lines and negotiation ability, an agent is beyond necessary.

As long as the commercial runs nationally, I’ll receive residuals! Huzzah! I am so grateful. Now its time to find an agent that will work as hard for me as I have worked for myself and get in the audition room to read for the major contracts.


~ by Elizabeth on January 9, 2010.

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