Ugly Betty and Lingerie

Yesterday I worked on the hit ABC show “Ugly Betty” as a lingerie model modeling vintage lingerie at a Guggenheim Art Show. I was one of eleven models hired for “Ugly Betty” (episode 417) and we each wore lingerie from a different time period.

My ensemble was not really genre specific, but rather a modern twist to some classic styles. I loved the opportunity to rock a bold hair-do, which was only possible because the costume was strong enough to balance the hair, instead of being overwhelmed.

I arrived to set at 7am, and the first couple of hours were spent in the hair and make-up chairs. It was such a wonderful change of pace, and I actually sat in the make-up chair next to America Ferrera. With having done my own hair and make-up on most photo shoots and film sets, it’s so nice to just sit back and let the pros handle it. My artists, Roxie and Eric, were amazing.

The only downside to wearing vintage lingerie involving a corset and a hoop skirt was that the corset was not taken off once during the fourteen hours I was on set. My body was very thankful when I changed into sweats for my trip home.

The day, though a very long one, flew by very quickly for me. Having friends on set always helps, as does having a specific role and responsibilities. I had a lot of fun, made some new friends, and made a nice paycheck – so it was a great day! I only wish I had more days like that one, and am hoping there are bigger and better things to come.


~ by Elizabeth on February 23, 2010.

One Response to “Ugly Betty and Lingerie”

  1. very cool! My students REALLY loved meeting you! thanks! chic

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