Friends in Low Places

Keeping sane is not always easy as an actor. There’s a reason why so many artists are in therapy or drink heavily – it’s a TOUGH business! While I will not pretend to be sane (no one who does this for a living can be!), I believe I have found a balance that keeps me out of the nut house.

So much of the balance has come from my friends – old and new. The people who have mattered the most are the ones I have current contact  with or communication with on a regular basis. These friends, especially the one in NYC and are fellow actors – keep me “sane.”

The beauty of the industry is that it really is extremely tight-knit. The people who are really working a lot and as hard as I do are on set with me all the time – which is fantastic. I love going to work and seeing which friends I will be working with each day. It’s a major shock and bummer to show up to set and see no one I know.

So friends – thank you. I am especially grateful for the friends who willingly give me a kick in the ass when needed, or make me laugh when I feel low. The people in my life who are there for me on my bad days are life savers. Lets face it, for every fabulous experience on set, there’s usually a bad day to even the playing field. Having understanding, positive, and smart friends keeps me afloat. They remind me that I am not totally alone in this crazy, cold, unpredictable industry.

Actors are a strange breed. Most people will never understand us, and that’s okay. My guess is that most of us have at some point not fit in, therefore causing us to have thick skin. As long as we have each other’s backs, we’ll make it. Personally, I am excited to share in the successes my friends will have in the future. I feel privileged to be along for the ride with them.


~ by Elizabeth on March 28, 2010.

One Response to “Friends in Low Places”

  1. We are privileged to be along for the ride with YOU! I have no doubt you’ll keep meeting great people, like attracts like 🙂

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