Filming, Running, and Life

While May and June were slow work months for me, things here in NYC have picked up and I am thrilled to be back to work on a regular basis. I am currently blogging from the set of “White Collar,” where I am standing-in for Tiffani Thiessen. I really love the “White Collar” set. It’s one of my favorites. The crew is really great, and I know where I fit while I’m here. While I obviously would rather be 1st team instead 2nd, it’s a good gig and I can’t complain.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve worked on a plethora of sets, including “Arthur,” “The Miraculous Year,” “The Good Wife,” “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” “Blue Bloods,” “Premium Rush,” and more. I feel very grateful to be working on average of 4 days a week again. What’s also great is that I have had some fun go-sees and auditions in the last couple of weeks too.

With work picking up again, I have surprisingly found time to stay on track with my marathon training! This is a pleasant surprise, and something that I hope continues as I get closer to November. I recently bought a Garmin Forerunner, and it’s the best training tool I could imagine. While I have only used it three times so far, I have already noticed a difference in my running and mental state while I run. Knowing my exact pace, distance, and location has helped my head and body connect with my training on a new level.

The weather in NYC has been all over the place this summer. There were a couple of weeks of extreme heat and humidity, which made running, filming outside, and simply functioning as a human being difficult at times. However, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, and I feel pretty good!

On a personal note, I have had a great sense of loss and tragedy these last few months. If you know me personally, you know that I am an animal person – to say the least. In fact, I often think I connect better with animals and children better than I do other adults. Anyway, since April 2010, three beloved family pets have passed away – Angel, Pumpkin, and Shadow. Two dogs and a cat. My parents and siblings and I are coping as best we can, but these three beings were part of the family, great friends, and are missed dearly. This loss has reminded me to treasure the relationships I have with the people and animals in my own life every day. Life is short, and sometimes ends abruptly.

I am excited for what the rest of the summer and beginning of fall bring me as I continue my adventure. I feel like something big could be on the horizon, as long as I keep my head high, work hard, and stay focused.


~ by Elizabeth on August 2, 2010.

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