New Year, New Adventures


I have not meant to ignore my blog or website, but I honestly didn’t think I had anything worth writing about recently.

At the end of December I made the very hard decision to leave my full-time job on “Blue Bloods” as a stand in. While I adore the cast and crew there (and miss them all so much!!!!), I felt that the job was holding me back from my own acting goals. So I made the tough decision and gave up my steady paycheck and jumped back into the world of complete insecurity.

It was a transition at first. I have prioritizing auditions, go-sees and running – which simply is not possible when on a show 5 days a week.

I have picked up two GREAT new agencies, which has me pumped. I was determined to not waste my time with the “bottom feeder” agencies and managers out there. They do more harm than good, and I want the AMAZING! I am now with two highly respected agencies – Abrams Artists (on camera commercial) and MSA (print and showroom).

I just got back from a 10 day trip out to Southern Cali, where I ran a marathon and shot with 5 different photographers who hired me while I was out there for the run. I love that as a model I can see places and do things that I may otherwise not have the chance to do, AND getting paid for it is pretty sweet. I am already planning a few more trips for print work this year: British Columbia, San Francisco, Southern Cali (again!), and Las Vegas. Maybe more, we’ll see.

The photos in this blog were taken out in Southern Cali.


~ by Elizabeth on February 19, 2011.

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