Recent Progress and Happenings

I recently had an audition for “Blue Bloods,” which was amazing since I worked there for three months. Walking into that audition room as an actor, in front of producers and writers and directors who knew me as a member of the crew was a wonderful feeling. While they ended up going in a different direction for the role, the kindness and enthusiasm over having me there was overwhelming. It’s nice to feel like there’s human kindness in a business that’s all about money, star power, and who you know.

While getting my comp cards together for the new agencies (mentioned in the previous blog), I shot with an INCREDIBLE fashion photographer. His name is Peter Brown, and the photos in this blog are from our shoot. Besides being great at what he does, he is extremely down to earth and tries his best to cater to the model’s needs and look. Model friends, he is worth every penny.

On a personal note, I had a major health scare these last few weeks. I only mention this, because I think its important for us all to remember that we are humans, and our health is all we have. Ladies, please check yourself for lumps – especially if breast cancer runs in your family. I woke up one day in January, and happened upon two lumps in my left breast. Having a history of breast cancer in my family, I was sent into a panic and depression. I felt like I had this horrible foreign thing in me. Cancer at age 27 would surely suck. A lot. After weeks of stress, little sleep, and tests (all going on during the “Blue Bloods” audition and trip to Southern Cali), it looks as though I am in the clear for now. My Doctor isn’t quite satisfied though, and we are going to revisit the alternative of surgery in two months – assuming nothing gets drastically better or worse.

Life is short, live it up. That scare has made me prioritize a lot of things, and has shifted my goals and how I view my relationships.

So ladies, check your boobies. Save the tatas.




~ by Elizabeth on February 19, 2011.

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