A New Movie, National Print Campaign and Magazine Shoot!

Its been  a while since my last blog! I guess that’s because I didn’t feel that I had much of any real significants to write about. I had been auditioning like a mad woman, hustling for SAG days when I could, got my butt back in dance classes, and simply tried to survive the horrid NYC winter.

As the temperatures finally rose, and new life began to bloom, my life has had a rebirth of its own in the last week – which was much needed as I was getting close to my breaking point.

I booked a job through my modeling agent – posing for American Photo Magazine. I booked a National Ad Campaign for Bailey’s Irish Cream, for the holiday 2011 season. Then I booked the female supporting character in the feature film “Medicinal Purposes,” playing Lisa “The Body” Messina, a Mafia Princess. All three job bookings occurred within the last week! I am hoping to keep my good fortune rolling, and have an audition for a horror movie next week.

On the non-professional side, I placed 10th in my age group in the NYRR 4-mile race this past weekend, finishing in 27:14. Its been a pretty good week!


~ by Elizabeth on April 27, 2011.

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