Boomer’s Run to Breathe 10K Race

I arrived at the starting line of the Boomer’s Run to Breathe 10K Race on Saturday, July 9th, on a very humid morning. The humidity made me feel groggy, along with the lack of sleep the night before thanks to my kitty. Weighing the conditions against me, I decided to aim for a 6:55 pace and set my Garmin accordingly.

Part of what makes the NYRR races so enjoyable to me, is that I usually get to see friends, who are fellow runners. This race was full of friendly faces, including Ben, who started the race right next to me in the first corral.

My legs felt heavy, and my body refused to respond with the speed I had hoped it to. I dug deep, and just told myself to run as strong as I could, which was what I did. In typical form, I sprinted the last stretch of the race and passed about a dozen finishers.

Here are the stats:

Overall Place: 218 Place, out of 5,006 Runners

Gender Place: 12th Place, out of 2407 Ladies

Age/Gender Place: 7th Place

Pace: 6:58

I was in shock with how I felt, that I placed as low as I did. I guess the heat was a factor for everyone that day.


~ by Elizabeth on July 18, 2011.

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