The Road to the Boston Marathon

On Friday, April 2 2010, I signed up for the Philadelphia Marathon for November 2010. I had never run a marathon before. I had never run a race before. In fact, I had never run more than 6 miles. However, I gave myself one goal: qualify for the Boston Marathon. Qualifying required me to run a sub-3 hour and 40 minute marathon. (The requirements have since changed, FYI). Yes, this was going to be a challenge, and most people probably thought I was out of my mind. Running a marathon is a hard task as it is, qualifying for Boston never happens for most runners. Luckily, I was too green to the running world to realize what I was setting myself up for, so I didn’t have as many doubts as someone who had already experienced a marathon.

Long story short (and I have previous blogs that detail my first marathon experience), I am now six days away from running my first Boston Marathon! I am beyond excited. I am extremely calm, but probably only because I am not running Boston to “race.” I decided to enjoy Boston, since I have worked so hard to get to the starting line. Plus, I am saving my legs for “racing” the Broad Street Run in a few weeks.

This is the first race my parents and extended family will be present at, which is really exciting for me. Boston is such a special, electric race. Last year, while being there in person to cheer on Ben, I was an emotional mess! Yes, I am the sap who cries while watching a marathon. Then again, I dare you to watch the Boston Marathon live without feeling something!

Perhaps next year I’ll “race” Boston for a PR, we’ll see. I have already qualified for Boston 2013, thanks to the Philly 2011 Marathon. Right now, that’s the farthest thing from my mind. I am just so excited to run the most famous marathon in the world, and to experience Heartbreak Hill for myself. Don’t be fooled, though I am not running to race, I still want to run a 3:30, and the wall will still happen – no matter how fast I’m moving.


~ by Elizabeth on April 10, 2012.

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