Two Year Anniversary of Racing

I am nervous. I am excited. I am focused. I am also less than 24 hours away from towing the line at the 2012 Philadelphia Broad Street Run- the largest 10 Mile Race in the country. While I am confident that I can achieve my race goal, and have trained hard, I am wise enough to know that many things can become factors during the course of a race that you cannot predict or plan. No matter what, I am going to dig deep and run strong. I am not stepping on the course to take in the wonders of the streets of Philly tomorrow, I am stepping out there to RACE.

I should mention that tomorrow marks my two-year anniversary of my first race ever! It’s wild to think that racing has only been part of my life for 24 months. I cannot imagine my life without it. I also find in wild to look back at how much I have improved in two years. Looking over my progress is a positive way to channel my nervous energy when I could be swayed to doubt myself. Two years ago I didn’t even know if I would finish the race. I had never run 10 miles before in my life, and had been dealing with some serious uterus problems that had left me resting in bed the entire week of the race. I fell in love with running that day, on the streets of Philly – and I have never looked back.

Races connect me with the drive and energy of thousands of other runners, and I love that. I can look around and admire the elite athletes who will be in the corral right before me, and I can also admire the wheelchair athletes in front of them. The common love for running, and especially racing, unites us all out there as we wait in our corrals and speed down Broad Street.

On a personal level, running has transformed me from the inside out. I thirst to compete, to pass the other ladies in my field, and to be honest – as many men as possible too! The mental grit and focus and killer instinct that kicks in towards the end of a race makes me feel like a warrior. When I run, I promise myself to leave everything I have on the course. There are no excuses. If I could race everyday, I would. Unfortunately, being human means my body and mind cannot recover fast enough for that.

Tomorrow, as I step out on the course, I will fight and focus on one task: 1:05. One hour and five minutes to run ten miles. I can visualize the big clock over the finish line when I close my eyes, and that’s all I want to see tomorrow. If I don’t achieve that goal, a sub-1:08 would still equal a PR – so I have to be okay with that if it comes down to it. Can I run a 1:05? I think so. Will I do it? I don’t know, so stay tuned.


~ by Elizabeth on May 5, 2012.

One Response to “Two Year Anniversary of Racing”

  1. Good luck in trying to meet your goal. Fingers, toes, eyes – everything is crossed that you accomplish what you’re stepping (nah, screw that – make that running) out to achieve. Look forward to hearing how you finish.

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