Brooklyn Half Marathon


On Saturday, May 19th, I stepped up to the starting line of the Brooklyn Half Marathon. My goal was to set a PR, and I was thankfully in good company – between a car ride to the starting line with two friends participating in the race (Ben and Erika) and Chris, and a handful of team mates in my corral – I was mentally supported.

The weather was great, I was hydrated, and before I knew it the gun went off. Running a race with team mates, though we all pretty much ran our own races, was awesome. I felt a constant sense of support and positive energy, which is different from going out there solo.

I set my PR, though I was a bit disappointed in my performance. I ran a 1:28:52, and during the race I felt like I couldn’t have gone any faster. My legs and mind didn’t have the pep and focus they had mustered for the Broad Street Run two weeks prior, and I’m not sure why. After some discussions with my coach and a team-mate, I believe I have a better way to move forward and look forward to working hard and smashing the new PR. Maybe I’ll make a third straight year at the Philly Rock ‘n Roll Half, a race that has done well for me.

Moving forward, I am now focused completely (well, for the most part) on the Ultra. Training for 100 miles in July is no joke – as I found out this past weekend as I clocked two long runs in a terrible heat wave. Reality has set in that I may be running 100 miles in the conditions I pushed through this weekend. Therefore, I am going to do my best to train in the heat and take advantage of the scorching weather. Yes, it sounds anything but pleasant. But it has to be done. I have a few very small races before the 100 Miler, but nothing that requires anything more from me than I will already be doing.


~ by Elizabeth on May 29, 2012.

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