Winning Feels Good

On June 16th I ran the Worcester Volunteer Fire Department 5K. The last 5K I raced was back in October, and it was a PR and a win. I had the goal of a PR in mind, and hopefully a strong race. You never know who is going to show up on race morning, regardless of the size of the event. On this particular morning, about 100 runners lined up to run.

I felt strong during the first mile, and ran a 5:55 mile. I didn’t have any females in front of me, though I had no idea if a female was right behind me or just waiting out the first mile or two before shooting past me. I had four men in front of me, and the fourth place male and I played a game of catching and passing each other for a while. The course was hilly, far more hilly than I was hoping for in terms of a PR. The last mile had a killer up-hill, and my legs didn’t have pep to speed up. The fourth place male had more left than I did, and starting shaving off distance between himself and the second and third place men, who were neck and neck.

As I neared the finish line, the people cheering were yelling “first girl!!!” which is always what I like to hear as I sprint to the finish. It gives me a rush of power. I crossed the finish line in 18:41, or 6:01 minute miles for 1st female and 5th overall. It turned out that the second place female was almost 4 minutes behind me.

My favorite part of the morning occurred after my finish. I stood near the finish with my camera to capture Chris’ finish, and a girl who was probably 10 years old asked me how I got to be so fast. I thought for a minute, and told her that I train hard and run with people who are stronger and faster than me, which makes me work harder. That girl is running her first 5K ever this weekend. I told her to have fun!

Winning feels great, no matter how small the race. For me, it’s a nice change from the huge races where I might be in the top 2%, but still not competing for a win. Small races give me the opportunity to establish some confidence, and winning is simply fun! 


~ by Elizabeth on June 20, 2012.

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