The Countdown is On

ImageTwo weeks from tomorrow I embark on the Lone Ranger 100-Mile Ultra. I cannot believe this huge race is only two weeks away. It seems like yesterday that it was January and I was deciding to sign up. As I have physically and mentally trained these last few months, I am left now with nerves, excitement, and questions. 

I remember deciding to take on such a large challenge because I was curious to see if I could. I also wanted the experience of running and fundraising for a cause. Another reason was that I wanted to create an event larger than myself and my own personal abilities as an individual, and to bring together and rely on the support of my friends and family. The coming together of community for a greater good is something I’ve always been drawn toward, and running is a perfect example of that. A race of any size cannot happen without organizers, volunteers, and participants. An Ultra relies on these people even more, and adds the category of pacers to the mix.

At this time I feel I should apologize for the potential negative mood or comments I may have on race day. I will probably hurt a lot, and potentially be a bitch. I am extremely grateful and moved by the efforts of my “team” as we embark on this journey together, and can only hope I stay positive throughout the 24 hours. When I feel like breaking down and cracking, I hope I can find the humor in the situation. 

Right now, I am reminded of how I felt in the weeks leading up to my first marathon. The emotions are relatively similar. I know I’ve put in the work, but until I actually cross that finish line, I won’t be able to fully convince myself that my goal is tangible. I’ve run through race scenarios in my mind a million times, and mental tools that I can use to my advantage when the going gets tough. However, I have to ask myself, am I mentally and physically strong enough to finish? Have I put in enough hours on my feet? I won’t truly know until 10am on July 15th – at the end.

This week is my last “push” week. I am aiming for 75 miles, and the heat this weekend is going to be hell. I keep telling myself to embrace this heat wave, because it may be just as hot come race weekend. I pulled back on mileage these last two weeks, due to working a lot on commercials, and other life commitments – plus I have just felt tired! It’s time to push for one more week of miles, before I taper the week of the race. This is it. It’s the final countdown. Mark my word, my nerves and mental state are all over the place.


~ by Elizabeth on June 29, 2012.

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