Moving Forward – Summer Update

It has been some time since the Ultra, and I have been an absent-minded blogger. Truth be told, I have been a very busy bee. Thanks to a small vacation from running and life in general, I returned to NYC refreshed and ready to run and audition again.

As an actor and model, I have been working non-stop. Market week came at the end of July/beginning of August, which had me working with Fine Lines Australia, and commercial work has been amazingly frequent. I am feeling incredibly grateful. I’ve even been able to squeeze in a decent amounts of auditions and go-sees between bookings.

In the athletic department, it took a few weeks to finally get my speed back after the Ultra. My legs finally have gotten back to my pre-Ultra pace on the track (more or less), which is a major relief as I am racing a Half Marathon in less than three weeks. Since the Ultra, I have also been assisting the Jack Rabbit Marathon Training Program, which has been great. Coaching runners is something I am looking to do more of in the future, and this experience has been terrific. I am excited to see how the runners perform on race day!

Balancing coaching, my own training, and film/modeling work has certainly had its challenges, but I would always prefer to be too busy than not enough. Looking ahead, I am mentally preparing for Boston 2013. Assuming I am healthy, I am looking to sacrifice a lot and really push for a killer PR in Boston. I am going to aim for a sub-3:00, or as close to 3:00 as I can get. Yes, that’s a lofty goal and would mean I’d shave 15 minutes off of my current PR. Therefore, I am immersing myself in different advanced marathon books, training plans, and blogs. I am hoping that between those resources, the close eye of my coach, the support from my family and team mates, and my own drive – I can achieve my Boston Marathon goal.

Run strong, train smart, and keep moving!


~ by Elizabeth on August 27, 2012.

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