Double-Race Weekend

I am a bit behind in my blogging, for which I apologize. I am going to play catch up, so bear with me.

The weekend of September 22-23 I ran two races. However, I did not race both, as that would have been silly and dangerous. I raced the first, the Fifth Avenue Mile. This race is fun and fast, though not flat. The weather was humid but cool, and I toed the starting line with the goal of beating last year’s time of 5:47. With being a distant runner, a short race like the mile is a strange challenge, since my training and goals are not based around this distance.

When the gun went off, I told myself to push hard but run smart, since there is a hill about halfway through the race. I reminded myself that I should embrace the pain, and that it shouldn’t be easy. I refused to ever look at my Garmin during the race, kept my focus on the lead car, and cranked away. I crossed the finish line in 5:36, a new PR and 13th place. The only negative about my performance: I didn’t feel like I had killed myself at the end, which means I should have pushed harder. Next year I’ll aim for under 5:30.

The second race was the 18 Mile Tune-Up, three full loops of Central Park. Between my warm up and cool down, I ran 22 miles total. I was under strict instructions to NOT race, and I did not – though I did run faster than my typical long runs, which was intentional on my part. I clocked 7:40s per mile, and was delighted to bump into Isang Smith, my friend and team mate, and we ran about 12 miles together, chatting and laughing as the miles clicked by. This was no doubt the most fun and social race experience of my life, and it was a nice change of pace!

No more races until the New York City Marathon, which is only a few weekends away! I am looking ahead to Boston, and the best plan of attack for a decent PR and training in the NYC winter. I despise everything about winter, so I am going to have to find my happy place while braving the weather for a few months.


~ by Elizabeth on October 3, 2012.

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