Playing Dead and Getting Shot

Over the last three weeks, I shot for two different magazines: Cosmopolitan Magazine, and Fitness Magazine.

For the Fitness Magazine shoot (look for the December issue), I shot for a segment addressing how we hold our emotions in our gut. I had my abs painted with a smiley face, while two other models had different moods painted on their abs. Our faces are not in the shot, so if you are looking for me, look for the happy abs! We shot individually and together, and we’ll see what type of layout they choose. The shoot was easy and quick, and I really enjoyed chatting with the body painter and one of the models.

The Cosmopolitan Magazine shoot (look for the January 2013 issue) was a fitness segment, in the same format as the one I shot last year for them. All of my exercises were arm related, and I had a lot of fun with the team.

I have always wanted to play a dead person on tv, and I finally got my chance this week. I played a dead girl on the new NBC show “Infamous,” episode 4. In the story, my character is found outside, half-naked and after having sex with one of the lead characters, having been dead for about 6 hours in the cold.

The makeup process took about two hours for two makeup artists to basically paint me from head to toe. I had to stand for the two hours, constantly moving my arms and legs in order for the artists to cover my skin evenly, which was a little tedious as I was battling a stomach bug on the day of the shoot.

The director and entire crew were professional and considerate. Laying face down on the cold ground and partly in mulch, wearing nothing but pasties and a skirt is not exactly comfortable, but the crew and my team were so considerate that I wasn’t bothered by the circumstances. I even had a place to shower before heading home, so I could wash some of the mulch out of my hair and remove some of the body makeup. Playing dead was certainly fun. I hope to do it again someday.

What will the next few weeks have in store for me? No clue. I’d say for the first three weeks in October, those three gigs were a pretty decent string of bookings. With November will come market week, which equals a week of fit modeling for Fine Lines Australia. Throw in two marathons, and you’ve got yourself a party!


~ by Elizabeth on October 21, 2012.

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