Running Fool Round-Up

As the 2012 race season comes to a close, I look back on what was quite the year. As can be expected there were highs and lows. I joined the City Coach Multisport Team, training along other athletes for the first time in my life, and trusting in the watchful eye of Coach Cane. The friendships I have made in the running community are more meaningful than I can say. The people I train besides are some of the most supportive, positive and talented athletes I know.

I have luckily (knock on wood!) made it through the season injury-free, minus some plantar and calf issues that every once in a while rear their ugly heads. Nothing major. More twinges than anything else. Considering the longest break I ever took this entire calendar year was 8 days (thank you, stomach flu), and I clocked 80-mile weeks while Ultra training, I’d say I am finally learning how to listen to my body and the miles/rest ratio it’s happiest with most of the time.

Some season highs: I tackled my first two Ultra Marathons ever (details are in past blogs), finishing 6th place in the first on zero Ultra training in the mountains of Southern California, and completing 68 miles in the Lone Ranger Ultra in Philly before medical personal pulled me from the course. As far as PRs go: a new PR for the Broad Street Run 10-Miler, a new PR for the 5K distance (and a win), a PR twice this year in the Half Marathon distance, and a PR in the Fifth Avenue Miler.

Season lows: Boston Marathon was my first DNF, thanks to the heat and a stomach flu, bombing the Philly Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon (a PR by 17 seconds) when my calf seized with 4 miles to go, and the cancellation of the NYCM – which was hopefully going to be a marathon PR.

The NYCM cancellation was extremely hard on me for a number of reasons. As a New Yorker, I felt the race should have been immediately canceled as soon as the aftermath of Sandy became apparent. As a coach, I wanted the race to go on for my runners and friends who had trained so hard for some many weeks. As an athlete, I felt conflicted. With running being my happy place, and a way I deal with stress, I craved a race to burn my stress after Hurricane Sandy assaulted my city. However, I also felt like all runners in NYC were being blamed for Sandy, and accused of not caring. It was strange.

I was ready to toss out the 2012 season when the cancellation of the NYCM was announced last week, but had a change of heart and decided I would fight for that marathon PR. After all, I had trained all year, so why not give it a shot – even if it wasn’t the course, the weekend or the city I was preparing for?

So, before my 2012 racing season comes to a close, I have one last hurrah – the Harrisburg Marathon. I am nervous, and I’d be lying if I said my mind wasn’t slightly plagued by my failures this season, however I also know I need to get out there, be a warrior and just get the job done. No excuses. I am leaving it all out on the course.

After Harrisburg, I will pace Chris next weekend to his new PR at the Philadelphia Marathon, and then focus on training for Boston 2013. I am going for Boston with guns blazing. I want a big PR in 2013, and I want it bad. Hopefully I’ll inch my way toward that big PR this weekend.



~ by Elizabeth on November 7, 2012.

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  1. Excellent accomplishments. Congrats! Good luck at Harrisburg!

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