Running Again

Since my last blog, I have been cleared to run again. After 8 weeks off from running, I was given the green light to run again, building slowly. I started with a 15 mile week, and have built by 10% since. I remember how shockingly difficult a few miles in the Harlem Hills felt, but that has greatly improved. While I am still not allowed to add speed work of any kind to my mileage for another few weeks, I am up to 24 miles this week.

While it has been a test to running easy and such small mileage, I am just thankful to be out there on my feet again.

Since the last post, I have moved, finished up some certifications for coaching, and have had some amazing career highs and lows as an actor and model. Running, like it always has, keeps me sane and taking the ups and downs in stride.

I am beyond enthusiastic to launch my coaching business, in a new and more official way. While I have coached in the past, I am excited to really dig in, create a brand, and help others achieve their fitness goals!  I’m almost finished with the coaching website, and will be sure to make a big announcement here when the business goes live!


~ by Elizabeth on February 12, 2013.

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